Weekly Update Blog!

2010-01-12 02:50:16 by teh-mobile-sponge

Hey everyone on the interbuttz, how are all y'all doin?

I'm finally getting back on the internets, and I'm going to do weekly update on everything going on in my life, but in order to do this, I'm doing a centralized blog with all my updates, and simply posting a weekly link with the topic on Sheezyart, Newgrounds, and Deviantart

So hopefully this works swimmingly, and those that wonder what I'm up to can see what I'm doing

With that said, see the unveiling of the first post!


Weekly Update Blog!


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2010-01-12 03:24:21

........sheezy?? T^T
you whore...

teh-mobile-sponge responds:

Actually I feel the facebook account I keep up the real "whoring out" :P