2012-02-28 00:08:04 by teh-mobile-sponge

Hey everybody, long freakin' time no see

I just came out with a new flash that I can show to you all, a tribute to Johnny Wander!
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I very much doubt I'll be updating again for a looooong time, so enjoy and I'll catch you again in another couple of years. If you want a fun waste of time see all the stuff I've made in the years, the crap I've done in flash is hilarious and would be troll worthy if that was a thing when I made them.



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2012-02-28 10:08:05

you have a link to it?

teh-mobile-sponge responds:

Dunno, maybe you can help

I posted it yesterday, and I don't see it in either the under judgement or movie portal

I didn't see it in either areas the second I posted it, and I don't think it got blasted to shit THAT fast, you know?


2012-02-29 16:09:56

Oh, just watched it, it was sweet man. Keep up the work!

The new submission process is a bit different, but since you went through it once. Its easier when you do it again.